Richie Cunning at Elbo Room
Is there any hope for “old” San Francisco?

No. What we once knew will never be again. As time goes on, you have to let go of some things. That’s life. I do, however, have faith in the young natives being raised by natives. One thing that SF cats have never lacked is the ability to pass on knowledge. The City may be different, but there will always be city kids who were raised to know the importance of what it means to be one of the last of the Scohicans. That said, being a San Franciscan means being an endangered species. Aside from that, however, to be a San Franciscan has always meant being courageous enough to be exactly who you want to be. SF is a city that was born from outlaws and misfits and as the years have gone by, that spirit has never left. To be a San Franciscan means to be brave enough to be yourself, but also to be brave enough to let everyone else be themselves.

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QM interview

What inspired you to write and produce you recent “I Shoulda Been a Surfer”?

The idea behind that project was that I’m a white guy, I got long hair, I’m from California…and I make rap music…Probably would have been easier to be a surfer

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DotheBay was proud to exclusively premiere the newest single from son of San Francisco and recent subject of a DTB profile, rapper Richie Cunning. A departure from his normal lane, “Skip Town” finds Cunning singing on a soaring and sexy blues track. Like fog itself, this one lingers. When asked about the song, Cunning assures us that this isn’t a directional change, but rather something in him that “needed to come out” and “30 to 1 says my next single will be on some straight rap shit.” Written, produced and recorded entirely by Cunning and mastered by local hero Patrick Brown for Different Fur Studios, if you love a good crime story, press play, hit the gas and “Skip Town.”

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Video directed by David Dutton. Track is from Richie Cunning’s “1906” EP.

We know what Pudge will be doing this weekend. He’ll be making his presence felt at Oaktopia with the rest of his crew, Fab Deuce, along with the Rec League.

Video directed by Rob Rush. Track from Richie Cunning’s “1906” EP.