I actually made this song a long time ago (like years), but was always a little hesitant to release it because it’s so different from my other ish. I’m pretty sure I don’t care anymore so check it out. If you like it, share it with somebody. More music coming soon.

Sometimes we just do good stuff.  This video was shot at the last Rec show down at F8.  Featuring Sunset’s finest Lightbulb, and produced by Llyght Stevens.  Bravo Team!

Two Videos and an album from the Team in TX. Pudge and Ritchy Flow with a chorus sample a few heads might recognize. Support the home team!

New QM! Produced by Llyght Stevens and featuring The Sunset’s own Lightbulb. Let it slap.

Happy Easter. | ?Download Here  

travlin' shoes

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New QM on a track with The Naysayers. Santa Cruz got love for this one. You should too.

Stepping to a classic is not a task that any emcee should take lightly. For just that reason, it isn’t something that I have done very many times in my career. About a month ago, I was shooting pool in my neighborhood dive and “Juice (Know The Ledge)” came on the jukebox. I hadn’t heard it in a while, and the fact that it was sandwiched into a playlist of current popular rap songs made it hit me like a suckerpunch to the gut. Rakim’s flow is simply undeniable. The chops, the swing, the delivery, the tone… emcees just don’t (or can’t) rap like that anymore. I took a shot at it. Check it out. I
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hope you enjoy my salute to the God, Rakim Allah.

New verse from QM over a Flying Lotus beat… getcha Chicaroni on.


New Jam from the new Wild Bill Mixtape “Rico Dynamite” feat. QM.  Team TX STAYS on point.

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