Cancel your plans. We’re burning it all down.

Richie Cunning with an appearance on Telli Prego’s debut solo album “Mouthpiece Over Matter”

Peep game and check for Derek V. lurking at your local comedy club looking to sharpen his shtick. #REC

The Drink Tank podcast can fill the void left by Jon Stewart’s retirement if you’re out there looking for a trusted voice to untangle all the latest propaganda and sound bites from the American media. Steb (DJ Bad DJ), Sean, and Jon, are a diverse group of hosts that record the weekly podcast while drinking a bottle of booze, and kicking witty banter about what’s new in the world of music, sports, politics, technology, hip-hop, and science. The Drink Tank has been credited with inventing the critically acclaimed BradyFace Coaster Toss drinking game, where contestants throw coasters at the TV to hit Tom Brady’s face. #REC recommended. Tune in.

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Rec League is in the vehicle!!!

Rec League South All-Stars Ernie McCRACKIN and Pudge get the joint jumping preforming “Swagasaurus”

LIVE at Hailey's – Ernie McCRACKIN featuring Pudge – with Fab Deuce and Spin Mo – Swagasaurus from Denton Film Company on Vimeo

1906 release flyer

“Beaches and Bridges” is the first single off QM’s new EP ‘I shoulda Been A Surfer’

The homies Equipto and Otayo released their new joint album today
and we’re proud to say that Richie Cunning has snuck a verse in on it.
Check out the project if you like things that are good and dislike things that are weak.

The latest Fab Deuce Album ‘The Hangover’ is bustin’ out the seams
with dope beats, fresh rhymes and a cool REC LEAGUE SOUTH vibe.