Iller than most tour

A1, Dregs One, Richie Cunning

Show at the Independent

Live from Skynet…

For Rec League’s upcoming nation-wide Summer Tour, were looking for musicians and dancers to be apart of the show. It won’t pay much and your liver will never be the same but there’s promised to be too many unforgettable nights to remember. If your interested, please upload a video of yourself playing an instrument covering a Rec League song with the hashtag #REC or #RecYourLife so we can find it. Competition is high (and drunk) so best of luck!!! Winners will be notified via the YouTube comment section of your videos. Here are some examples of current entries.

Troybanxz with a bass cover of “Pure Imagination”
Jeremy James Nolan with a guitar cover of “Smoke”
Drumset Dan with a drum cover of “Pure Imagination”
Hampi took a single shot video creating a beat and spitting “Transfer Pt. II”
Groosh filmed a group doing original choreography to “Richie Cunning’s Day Off”

Grip Grand is the man hiding behind the Rec League curtain. Here he remixes the KMD beat on Peachfuzz which is a track off Mr. Hood’s debut album originally released in May 1991.

New Rec League album coming soon…

Get your tickets. Rec League will be shutting down ‘The Pit’ on Saturday night. #RECYOLIFE

Cypher Session ft Rec League