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“This is the hardest Willy Wonka flip EVER” – TeamBackPack

For the youngsters that don’t know, check the link for a reminder of the greatness Genelec put down – Scorpion Circles

F8 show pics

Vegas has the Rec League favored by 2 1/2 fernet shots and a mic stand.

Super Bowl weekend

For real, Forbes!! The business and financial kingpin recently sat down for an interview with The King of Personal Finance Rap, Grip Grand.

Grip Grand

How did you decide to do a children’s record?

One of the problems being a parent is wanting to listen to the music I love with my kids. Even the most positive, message-driven rap has the odd swear word that my kids are gonna take to preschool, let alone all the more questionable content I love to listen to that you could never play in front of your kids. I wanted to make something that wasn’t totally corny, though, because most of the hip-hop for kids out there is made by people outside of the field.

Click here to read the entire interview at Forbes.com

J.T. has long been the foremost movie critic of the Rec League. If you don’t know, now you know.

Chick here to check out his latest review of the Top 15 movies from 2015

REC Center

Fresh Out Mix is 36 of the best tracks from Gurp City past and present. Pumped that RFMI made the cut for this. Gurp League in the building. DOWNLOAD HERE
Fresh Out Gurp City 2

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