Look, I really didn’t want to do this. But our website is in danger of dying if nobody ever posts anything, so I’m here to resuscitate the patient, at least for one more week. I know this is a pretty stupid reason for a blog, and, accordingly, this is a pretty stupid blog.

With that said, I’d like to proudly announce the birth of your new favorite thing, Which Is More Hip Hop? That’s not a question…that’s the name of it…which is, itself, a question. Sorry if that’s confusing…I’m rapidly downing whatever you’d call a vodka-cranberry-ginger-ale. I call it what I had in the house.

Anyway, the concept here is pretty self-explanatory. Which is more hip-hop? Some things are so obvious as to render comparison superfluous. You won’t be seeing “Which Is More Hip-Hop? Basketball vs Hockey” anytime soon. But occasionally the distinction between hip-hop and not-hop is more subtle, and therein lies our subject matter.

This week: (Drumroll, please…)

Which Is More Hip-Hop?




Let me be clear: The comparison is not between the above pictures themselves, but rather between hamburgers and hot dogs in general, and for the entirety of their existence. Which is to say that, although the concepts “hamburger” and “hot dog” predate hip-hop itself, one of them may still have been more hip-hop than the other from the very beginning. Or maybe it became that way over time.  The answer is up to you. You may use any and all criteria whatsoever to justify your selection. References are always appreciated.

OK, that’s it. You know what to do.

Tell me something good,

Grip Grand

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  1. Richie Cunning says:

    Given the current homo(no homo)phobia that runs rampant in hip hop and the general “ayo” nature of the hot dog (pause), I crown the hamburger as more hip hop.

  2. mfshalem says:

    biddies in the bk lounge, the coup-bigga fish couple songs that come to mind for burgers. Burgers all day, not even close.

  3. Richie Cunning says:

    We outta the ballpark and yall swallow a hot dog

  4. Rob Rush says:

    posse to the burger stand so deep we walk in twoooos.

  5. Rob Rush says:

    hey grip… you could prolly rock it better on your own site, i know it sucks to have a free blog that you don’t like.

  6. BuzzerBeater says:

    I second Richie’s no homo answer. However the hot dog does score points if you have a good lookin beezy in a video downing a hot dog

  7. mfshalem says:

    You know which blog is the best? Facebook. Or Twitter. everything else is dead. We all post shit everyday on Facebook.

    I love cheeseburgers, can’t stand hot dogs.

  8. Gus Cutty says:

    What’s more hiphop than beef? All beef hotdogs aside I will say Hamburgers are therefore more hiphop. Plus hot dogs are hella suspect.

  9. MPE says:

    I second Rob, Mix-a-lot wasn’t rolling to the hot dog stand. Neither was Sensation, neither was Maharaji. Maybe Larry, but you know…

  10. Cunny says:

    Shalem and Grip really kill the hating on Routinefly ON ROUTINEFLY game.

  11. Grip says:

    I don’t hate on RF. On the contrary, I love RF…I only hate on the lack of new posts (recently remedied by Q’M, Rob, et al), and it’s precisely because I support RF and want it to flourish. That’s why I keep posting every week. Not because I am a narcissist, but because I am trying to rep my team’s site (and not my own, i.e. Facebook, etc.)…gimme a break. I got my hater-pants on, but not where RF is concerned. And you know this, maaaang!

  12. mfshalem says:

    well there you go, grip gave the politically correct answer. the only thing i hate on is all the “budweiser boys” type shit.

  13. Grip says:

    Maybe me and Shalem’s new album should be called Grumpy Old Men…

  14. QM says:

    “Grumpy old bitter men who don’t like to party or things that are fun”…yeah that’s it. It rolls off the tongue.

  15. DLoco says:

    Drinking contest – Grip vs mfshalem. Sept 09 @ Bang the Drum. Free Hip-Hop, Free Hamburgers.

    – Unsanctioned event
    – contestants will be drinking Budweiser
    – Proceeds go to charity
    – winner gets the copyrights to the video to sale it on iTunes.
    – Pura Vida

  16. QM says:

    LOL @ DLoco

  17. pudge says:

    being a vegetarian is very hip hop

  18. lone says:

    Hamburgers are good.

  19. I was gonna leave this alone…but you clowns are on some real “IDK” ish right now.

    Hamburger? Nigga (where applicable), please!

    Hotdog is clearly the more hiphop of the two meat-treats. Ill spare you the long of it, but put these on your plate with a side of fries:

    New York: Birthplace of hiphop, birthplace of hotdog. 2pts

    The Come up: hiphop is a culture of people all trying to do the something out of nothing dance. a hotdog is precisely that…something out of nothing. 2pts

    So Hood: Niggas aint got pounds of ground beef in the freezer…but I bet they got some hotdogs in the fridge! 2pts

    Ebonically Speaking: it may be used as a description for a well written rap lyric, ” thats hot, dog!” 2pts

    No Homo: The fact that it warrants a tagline automatically validates the wiener. Dont nobody care if you say hamburger…pffft, fukkattaheeeah! 2pts.

    Love connection: Hip Hop has 6 letters, hot dog has 6 letters. KABLAM, SON! 342647364723523 pts!

    Hotdog wins.

  20. QM says:

    Haji has made me a believer

  21. Grip says:

    And the winner, clearly, is Hot Dog. Only two people got it right (peep’s Joe’s link, above). By the way, in the battle “Which Is More Hip-Hop?: Haji P vs Your-Face-Here”, there’s obviously no contest–Haji takes the crown, hands down. He is officially the new referee of this shit.

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