Haji P – Neighborhood Kid (CD)

Neighborhood Kid is Haji P's debut album as a solo artist. Teamed up with producer, DJ MF Shalem, the album essentially follows Haji P through his misadventures in...well, everything. From kleptomaniacal women, to dealing with bigoted, confederate flag-waving neighbors. All of which is done with a clever mix of tongue-in-cheek humor and genuine sincerity. Neighborhood Kid is eclectic in topical scenarios, events and reference, all of which are derived from the various places he's been. What draws it all together is that Haji speaks on all of it as if it were just one place. "His neighborhood." Mostly, the listener gets a since of his southern background, being that the entire album is narrated by a voice that bares resemblance to Disney's questionably, racially portrayed character, "Uncle Remus," suggesting that Haji P would be the Brer Rabbit in the story. Is this something you want to listen to? Yeah, Im pretty sure.

You can purchase digitally from one of the fine sites above or on CD right here from Routine Fly.

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